World 6 is a mountaintop with thing ledges that Mario must climb on. Alternatively, he can cling onto them by going onto a cliff and press the down button on the controls.


  • World 6-1 (Mountain Cliffs)
  • World 6-2 (Pond)
  • World 6-Tower (Boss:Bowser Jr.)
  • World 6-3 (Forest)
  • World 6-4 (Mountain Cliffs)
  • World 6-Tower 2 (Boss:Bowser Jr.)
  • World 6-5 (Mountain Cliffs)
  • World 6-6 (Mountain Cliffs)
  • World 6-Castle (Boss:Monty Tank)

Bonus LevelsEdit

  • World 6-A (Lakitu's Desert)
  • World 6-B (Icy Adventure)

Enemies IntroducedEdit

Resemblance To Other WorldsEdit

  • The cliffs Mario hangs on reappear in World 8 Part 2.
  • World 6-3 resembles World 4.
  • World 6-B resembles World 5, however the background is different.
  • The music from World 2 can be heard in a secret area in World 6-A with lots of Spinys.


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