World 2 is a desert land with many levels in it.


  • World 2-1 (Desert)
  • World 2-2 (Grassy Desert)
  • World 2-3 (Sewer)
  • World 2-4 (Desert)
  • World 2-Tower (Boss:Bowser Jr.)
  • World 2-5 (Desert)
  • World 2-6 (Polluted Air)
  • World 2-Castle (Boss:Mummy Pokey)

Bonus LevelsEdit

  • World 2-A (Desert Oasis)

Enemies IntroducedEdit


  • In the background of normal gravity levels, there are pyramids.
  • The music from most of the desert levels is used again in World 6 in a secret area in World 6-A.
  • It is hard if you are new to playing the game, due to the Pokeys are hard to get around without Fire Mario and you will run out of time.

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