Items that power-up Mario and Luigi.

Item ListEdit

  • Super Mushroom: Makes Small Mario turn Super
  • Fire Flower: Turns Mario's clothes into white and red and gives an ability to throw Fireballs
  • Mini Mushroom: Turns Mario into a supersmall size
  • Blue Koopa Shell: Gives Mario a blue shell on his Back and gives an ability to "slide" when Mario runs long enough
  • Mega Mushroom: Turns Mario into a superbig size which lets him to Crush almost anything and gives 0-5 1Up Shrooms depending on the meter at the top of the screen
  • Star: Turns Mario into a Rainbow color and and 3 Abilities: 1.Jump Higher 2.Walk/Run Higher 3.Invincibility (also lets mario do sweet Flips everytime he jumps)

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